Genetic disorders on TV and radio

25/08/14 - What's Underneath Project with Melanie Gaydos

As part of a series of intimate films honouring individuals with authentic personal style by Style Like U, this inspiring young woman shares her thoughts and experiences of her own and other peoples’ perception of her image and how the genetic disorder she is affected by has played its part.

This interview with Melanie is an incredibly powerful insight into her experiences living with Ectodermal Dysplasia.

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08/04/13 - Mission to Lars

Mission To Lars

Available to buy on DVD from April 8th 2013.

A loving, funny, moving documentary about two grown up siblings who take their brother Tom in search of his hero, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. Tom happens to have the genetic disorder, Fragile X syndrome.

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25/02/13 - Britain on Benefits

The Disability Living Allowance helps more than three million people lead useful lives. It pays for transport and carers, meaning that disabled people can work and lead independent lives.

But the benefit bill has to be cut, and the government plans to take more than half a million claimants off DLA. What will that mean for those who depend on it?

Talking to fellow Paralympians, disabled army veterans and disabled people in work, wheelchair basketball ace Ade Adepitan goes in search of answers, and asks if this hugely ambitious and expensive plan to reassess disabled people has been properly thought through.

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08/02/13 - Special needs pupils are being taught away from teachers

Special needs pupils are being taught away from teachers (Duration: 3m 17s)

BBC Radio 5, February 8th 2013

Children with special needs are spending too much time being taught out of their classroom according to the Institute of Education.
It says teaching assistants are spending more time with those children than teachers and that being isolated from their classmates has a knock on effect on both their social and educational development.

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13/02/13 - The Decision

The Decision (Duration: 1 HOUR)

BBC2 9pm Wednesday February 13th

The parents of two year old Raj face an unimaginable dilemma. Ray has a brain tumour which, untreated, will kill him within months. Doctors at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital can operate but the surgery carries a high risk of paralysis

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